This personal blog site was created by me, Phil Stewkesbury, for my parents Jan & Keith Stewkesbury.

About a year ago Mum & Dad asked my sister Ann and I if we would mind if they were to sell-up their bricks & mortar, get themselves a camper van, and spend some time touring.

The plans still aren’t very firm – probably England, Scotland (including some islands), Wales & Ireland in 2009 and moving on to mainland Europe after.

However, if you’ll excuse the pun – the wheels are definitely in motion! After a great deal of searching they have found and bought their perfect camper. The house is on the market and they’re progressing their plans!!

“Grey Nomads” is a quote from my old mate Andy Bushell who now lives down-under, and apparently ‘pensioners-on-tour’ is all the rage down there, and grey nomads is what they are commonly known as.

It’s hard to think of Mum & Dad as pensioners; both are still working, and everybody that knows them will tell you that they still work hard!

Keith is definitely a silver-surfer; desktop, two laptops, mobile internet and researching how to set-up satellite internet access throughout Europe from the big tin bus, so, creating a blog so that we can follow their travels seemed the logical thing to do.

I’ve created a few categories to cover a few of their favourite things.

They’ve had the camper for about four weeks now, and had one test outing to Cambridge.

Anyway, I’ll leave them to explain the rest of the tale …

Bon Voyage!

All our Love,

Phil & Sandra and Ann & Mark, and grandchildren Robert, Tara, Daniel, Connor & Bailey.

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3 Responses to “Grey Nomads!!”

  1. Hello Keith and Janet

    Nice to see what will be your travelling home in the near future. Hope you achieve all your ambitions and have lots of fun.

    Look after yourselves and keep safe.

    Your beloved sister and brother-in-law, Pamela & David xxxx

  2. i just turned 64
    i just purchased a 19 ft Mazda

    i just turned 64
    i purchased a Mazda Bus 19ft
    i ready to travel around AUSTRALIA


  3. Go for it Keith and Jan.

    Let the wind blow and the mountains roll past. Enjoy the travel, beer and food. Come back looking like a teenager. Well Jan anyway.

    Good luck

    John and Eve x x x

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