Keith on May 4th, 2009

The real ale fans may be familiar with this brew from Skinners. Brings back memories of  the tall ships, Falmouth 1995. Have to confess that I, Keith, have tried several local brews, duty bound research in the quest for greater knowledge and all that.  However, I was so busy enjoying them that I forget what they are called.  Next one on the shelf is ” Proper Job” from the St Austall brewery.

Keith on May 4th, 2009

This last week has seen the start of the journey proper, we are settling into things now and getting used to the motorhome. First stop was a site near Lyme Regis for a weekend with friends and then into Cornwall . We visited the Eden project, the lost gardens of Heligan, Cornish mines and engines, near Redruth, and several other National Trust properties. Our favourite so far is Lanhydrock, the house and gardens are worth a visit.  Visited a 40s weekend  on the Bodmin and Weynford railway, enjoyable. We are pleasantly surprised at the fuel economy of the the big tin bus, only filling up once a week. Currently in North Devon, next stop, Somerset. Promise to blog more often.

For those of you who know how to work it, you can visit my web album on google, picasa under the name ksnowyowl. If you manage it let me know. I am not that clever.

Keith on May 2nd, 2009

We went to Dorchester to visit family. It is not possible to park a motor home in the area where they live. On our approach to Dorchester we noticed a park and ride sign. When we entered the car park it was obvious there was in sufficient space for us to park. Having turned around we were waved down by the bus driver who showed where we could park. He guided us in to the space, showed us where we could get the ticket and waited for us to board the bus. What a nice man.

Keith on January 18th, 2009

Our first sojourn in the bus was a weekend in Cambridge, and we got there without the aid of a sat nav. It is an interesting city and well worth a visit, (we have never seen so many bikes). It is a very vibrant city, lots of street entertainers, shops, places to eat and very easy to get around. We stayed at the camping and caravan club site on the outskirts of the city. There is a frequent bus service into Cambridge, the bus stop is about a five minute walk from the site. One tip, take a note of the name. We didn’t and had an interesting time trying to explain to a Polish bus driver where we wanted to go. Its worth it when you have your bus pass. About a fifteen minute walk from the site is a Waitrose supermarket, you could catch a bus if you wished. The weekend revealed a few problems with the bus and it is currently at the dealers who are trying to resolve them.

Keith on January 13th, 2009

The combination of a steam train and real ale, what could be better?  An evening on the RAT, (real ale train) on the Mid Hants railway. Enjoying a combination of fire and water to provide power and create the great taste of good ale.  The atmosphere on the train is friendly and makes for a relaxing evening. The first of many good journeys. Visit the website.


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admin on January 12th, 2009

People like Victor Meldrew, or maybe nice people too?

Some folk say that only small minds talk about people, but we all know that all those “I don’t bloody believe it!” moments on our travels are going to be prompted by people!

We are bound to encounter some ‘Jobsworths’.

We hope that we’ll come across a few instances of Legendary Service worth a mention too, so we’ve added a special category just to mention people.

admin on November 9th, 2008

Well, if you travel, you’re gonna see some stuff worth writing about!


admin on October 25th, 2008

A lot of books have been and will be read!!

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admin on October 25th, 2008

Apparently some fellas up North built a new choo choo!!


admin on October 25th, 2008

This category is for all you twitchers out there!!