Keith on January 31st, 2013

Today, Thursday, after lunch, we took the chairs, books, cold drinks, telescope and binoculars to the beach.  Chilled out for a couple of hours, 23°, nice.

Keith on January 29th, 2013

It is amazing what makes some people happy.  This afternoon we walked from the site to the local town and enjoyed a drink at one the local bars, outside in the sunshine, (you do not need to know how warm it was).  On the way back we visited a local hardware store, Jan bought a masher.  She was over the moon.

Keith on January 29th, 2013

Know we kept mentioning the wind but, enough is enough.  Got fed up with being battered by strong winds and decided that it was time to move.  Signs of stress to awning frame and the forecast of more strong wind was the final straw.  The flag pole at the main entrance to the site had extra struts attached which indicated the concerns for potential damage.

Now trying to get a refund from the Caravan Club.

Keith on January 24th, 2013

This a book about a British army ordnance search dog and his handler.   Well written in easy to follow language, at times gritty and tear jerking.  It is the story of a posting in Afghanistan and all that it involves.

If you like dogs, or not this a good read giving an insight into the horrors of war and the resultant reliance, bond and trust that it brings to a group of people in difficult times.

For those of us that think we understand and believe in the bond between dogs and man this adds to and reinforces that believe.  Those who do not can learn a lot from this book about the understanding, communication and emotions that this human/dog partnership can bring.

I could not put it down. read it in two days.


Keith on January 23rd, 2013

The wash up area on the site is between two buildings and open to the elements. The wind draws through it.  Today went to wash up, turned on the tap, the water ended up in the next sink.

Keith on January 23rd, 2013

Yesterday, we managed, at last to get out on our bikes.  Early signs are that we need to visit a cycle shop and buy Jan a gel saddle.

Keith on January 23rd, 2013

We have a 90 cm satellite dish on a aluminium tripod.  The guy who set it up for us said we are right on the edge and can not get all channels.

He also explained that most channels are moving to a new satellite with a reduced footprint, forecast minimum size of dish in the future 1.2 metres.  Even then there is no guarantee.

The local press aimed at ex pats now say that from June a dish diameter of 1.4 meters is required.  That is about equivalent to four domestic U K dishes. A huge beast.

The problems associated with purchasing, transporting mounting and fixing a dish of that size does not bear thinking about.

Keith on January 19th, 2013

Saturday, 12 -45 local time.  Been to the local market this morning to buy a weeks supply of fruit and veg.  Half the traders were packing up, the wind is so strong it is blowing the stalls over.  It is now chucking it down.

Not looking for sympathy, just keeping you up to date.

Keith on January 17th, 2013

A bit of a sagga this one.

A tyre on Jans bike suffered a puncture, no problem we have a spare tube.  Tube did not fit, the shop who supplied the bike sold us the wrong size tube.  Strong words will be forthcoming on our return to U K.

It gets better, or worse, depending on your point of view. Despite several attempts to repair the puncture, taking nearly a whole afternoon, a total failure occurred.

Plan whatever.  Having asked the advice of other Brits we were advised to take it to Decathlon, a large chain of sports shop, who could supply and fit a new tube. Off we trotted.  They had every size but the one we wanted. A very apologetic and helpful man informed us that he did not know when he could get one and offered several options, all of which would take at least a week. The final option was the name and address of a cycle shop in Elche who, he felt sure would help us.

Wait, it gets better. Keith trotted off, with the offending wheel in the pursuit of the shop.  Having found the address after negotiating the busy streets of Elche the next problem, parking.  Around we he went several times and eventually finding a parking spot he discovered that the store had moved. Back to the car, get the sat nav, enter the new address. Off we go.  It only took three tours of the block to find a parking place near the shop.

Within 15 minutes he left the shop, new tube fitted, extra spare in hand, all for the sum of €8. Not bad hey.

Keith on January 17th, 2013

It has been very windy for best part of a week now which curtails our ability, and, willingness to get out and about.  Hence the lack of blogs.