Keith on March 11th, 2012

When we are travelling long distance through France we use the aires for over night stops.  They usually have a separate area for caravans and motor homes access controlled by a height barrier.  The A36 did not have any with this set up, we found one that had a nice open vista and away from the motorway noise.  It was large and split into three areas.  When we arrived loads of space, got set up.

Next morning got up and wandered up to the shop to get bread.  Well, the lorries were every where, hundreds of them. Mostly eastern European.  The A36 is the main through route to southern Europe.  You could not have shoe’d in a smart car.

Keith on March 11th, 2012

Heimsbrunn, a village in a rural setting a few miles west of Mulhouse. Nice to be on a small quiet site  . The buildings have an alpine look about them.  Pictures to follow.

Keith on March 9th, 2012

We left , Spain on Wednesday the 7th, it is now Friday the 9th.  We have travelled 934 miles via, Bayonne, Bordeaux and have stopped for the night on an Aire near Dijon.

The first day we made in excess of 400 miles. Our sat nav got very confused as the route from northern Spain into France is along a new road. The second day about 380.  Third day 152.  Around 100 to go before arriving at our destination Mulhouse.

A few days there and then we plan to travel a short distance to a sight at Gerardmar in the French Alps.

We have changed our mind about visiting Poland, another time may be.

Keith on March 5th, 2012

On Saturday we visited the Spanish bird watching fair at Monfrague national park. Jan is now the proud owner of some binoculars.

From there we drove in to the reserve and watched the vultures put on a spectacular show.  When they fly past you at eye level and lest than fifty feet away, very, very big.  These are truly wild birds.  Of course Keith had the wrong camera.

Monday we watched some more feeding on a carcass, spectacular.  The Spanish people in this area treasure the wildlife and welcome you.

Staying an extra day to do some more birding.

P S weather warm and sunny.

Keith on March 5th, 2012

We are in Caceres Spain.

Managed to get the stand alone dish set up and get all the channels.

Also got the Internet on the motor home dish.  Dam no excuse now.

Keith on March 5th, 2012

The motorhome  has several tube lights most are the same size.  The bathroom light needed replacing, pinched one from the bedroom. I bought one in a local hard ware shop at €3.75. Then another one went in the bedroom.  Whilst being dragged around a shop I did the manly thing and looked at tools etc,.  They had the same size tube for €1.25, so I bought three more and replaced the others in the bedroom.  Jan said why don’t you buy a spare, my response, no, probably never need another one.  By now you are ahead of me, but wait it gets better.  The one in the kitchen went, borrowed one from the bedroom, nothing. Got the meter out, nothing, dam, new fitting?  Even looked on line for one. A little later I was talking to Jan when the presence of a light switch on the wall registered, the switch for the kitchen light. Bought another tube and a spare, pressed the right switch, the light works.

There is a lesson in there somewhere.

Keith on February 25th, 2012

Saturday 25th Feb.  The whole site went to a local restaurant for lunch to celebrate Jan’s birthday.  The photo is the after lunch get together, note the sunshine.

Keith on February 19th, 2012

Keith calls them that because of the noise that the engines make.  They are used largely in rural situations as lightweight transport.  Limited to less than 30 miles per hour.  Local  authorities use them for street cleaning and other municipal uses. Ideal in the narrow streets of the old towns.

Various body styles can be seen. It looks as if they have been developed from a motorbike towing a trailer to the fully enclosed versions, trikes.  It is amusing to see a man driving while is wife sits in the back, wearing a crash helmet of course.

The early versions are front engined with a two part chain drive to the rear axle.  Later models have the engine mounted on the rear axle.

Keith on February 19th, 2012

The children’s carnival was on Friday and today, Sunday it is time for the adults.  Difficult to explain have a look at the pictures.  All very relaxed and full of fun.

Sunday was a nice sunny day to enjoy it in the fresh air with a drink in your hand.  On that note, three beers and a glass of wine, €4. Not bad.

Keith on February 16th, 2012

No gloss paint.  It fades to quickly.

Locals drive down the middle of rural roads, why?  To avoid the pot holes.

When running small bore pipe work or cable they do not use elbows.

Small trucks, up to 7.5 tonnes have wooden sides and tail boards.  Metal gets to hot in the sun.

Health and safety, forget it.