We have experienced a few problems on this trip which has resulted in a need to focus on solutions and make frequent changes to our plans.  We will not burden you with the details, suffice it to say that it has been like a crisis management course where you solve one problem and another arises.

It has been, at times, difficult to be positive. Writing blogs has been low on the list.

However, we are alive and have suffered no physical damage. That is positive.  Another positive note is the help we have received from many people of various nationalities.  It has restored our faith in our fellow human beings.

We would like to say sorry to our followers for the situation.  Keith’s e mail is down, the result of a virus.  If he has not answered any e mails, please be patient.


Jan and Keith.

One Response to “Stresses, strains and apologies.”

  1. Nice to see you back safe & sound & the rest off the trip goes
    well.Enjoy every minute of it,look forward.

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